Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Getting Fringed.

So far I have worked the first weekend of the Fringe Festival DC. I waited tables for the first time in my life, sold tickets to shows and hauled ice. I have met some pretty amazing people. I have also been taking on extra shifts like crazy because I live blocks from Fort Fringe. I gave the volunteer hotline my phone number so that I can take extra shifts.

I was eating lunch with Ariella J. who had just gotten back from Israel. My phone rang and it was Nyree- the volunteer goddess of Fringe offering me shifts for tonight so I grabbed them. I truly have no life. Ariella looks at me, rolls her eyes and then says "was that Fringe?"....Oh yes it was! As I said I belong to Fringe for the next two weeks. Slowly, I am getting to see my shows.

On Sunday I saw "I love you, we're fucked". Kevin Thornton is very funny, but one of the skits made me shrink back in hypothetical pain. I'll be honest, I did expect a lot more sex out of the show.

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