Friday, July 29, 2011

Arena Stage

The zine fest did not get back to me. It's probably too late to try to volunteer for it anyway. I still plan on going on Saturday. The resurgence of zines is a good thing.

I went to usher orientation at Arena Stage last night. Arena stage takes in a ton of ushers. According to them, their army of ushers is 2,000 strong. If you volunteer at Arena Stage, you get to see the show that you are working for free. It's probably too late for me to get to see Oklahoma!. It was the usual volunteer orientation where the people who have done this before ask questions that show all the attendees that they are not noobs. I also think that I may have been one of the younger people in the crowd. I did not get my show assignments last night, because i had just registered that morning.

I know, I know I did not get hired by them for a job I really wanted 2 years ago, but they are a great regional theatre. No sour grapes here.

We were told to spread the word that Arena Stage does need more volunteers, so contact them and go for it!

Thursday, July 28, 2011

Holy Cats!

I was in the Washington Post! on the 13th! and I didn't know it! Why? Because I was chasing the fame monster on my other, now defunct blog. No dear, I was not in the actual newspaper- I was in the online arts section. I wonder how they found me?

Well, Fringe is over, and it was AWESOME. If you have Fringe in your area, volunteer, such a great sense of community is made, and volunteering around creatives gives me great energy. Every time I walk past Fort Fringe on my way to Safeway I am going to smile. I am going to remember the brilliance of Kimleigh Smith in T-O-T-A-L-L-Y, The high energy of Illuminate, the sad sweetness of Priscilla Dreams The Answer and laughing my ass off at Who Killed Captain Kirk.

Meanwhile, an article in the Express told me of a ZineFest this weekend. Maybe they need volunteers?

Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Getting Fringed.

So far I have worked the first weekend of the Fringe Festival DC. I waited tables for the first time in my life, sold tickets to shows and hauled ice. I have met some pretty amazing people. I have also been taking on extra shifts like crazy because I live blocks from Fort Fringe. I gave the volunteer hotline my phone number so that I can take extra shifts.

I was eating lunch with Ariella J. who had just gotten back from Israel. My phone rang and it was Nyree- the volunteer goddess of Fringe offering me shifts for tonight so I grabbed them. I truly have no life. Ariella looks at me, rolls her eyes and then says "was that Fringe?"....Oh yes it was! As I said I belong to Fringe for the next two weeks. Slowly, I am getting to see my shows.

On Sunday I saw "I love you, we're fucked". Kevin Thornton is very funny, but one of the skits made me shrink back in hypothetical pain. I'll be honest, I did expect a lot more sex out of the show.

Monday, July 11, 2011


Hi everyone! some of you may know me from my other blog, Boxed Whine. Boxed whine started out as an off the derech blog. Off the derech meaning having left orthodox Judaism. I eventually turned it into a blog about my life, kvetching nearly every day. I now get between 1,000 to 2,000 readers a month. Not shabby at all for a blog I expected no one to read.

I am not working right now and I got really lonely, so i started to volunteer. There are places and events to volunteer at all over DC. I started this kick 2 years ago by being the face painting girl for the DC rollergirls. I also occasionally volunteered at Washington Animal Rescue League, I don't volunteer there much because it is so far from my home. I joined DC Rocky Horror last month as crew. Last month I did SilverDocs at the AFI and now my ass belongs to Capital Fringe Festival for the next 2 weeks. I also go through Craigslist and find one day events to volunteer for.

Why the name "I do it for the tee shirts" ? Because no matter how different each event is from each other, they all have a common thread- The volunteer tee shirt. These tee shirts make me feel like an awesome insider, like a cool kid, like i am in the know...which i am.

So sit tight as I volunteer my way clear across DC doing ticket sales, gardening and everything in between. First stop? Capital Fringe Festival 2011.