Friday, July 29, 2011

Arena Stage

The zine fest did not get back to me. It's probably too late to try to volunteer for it anyway. I still plan on going on Saturday. The resurgence of zines is a good thing.

I went to usher orientation at Arena Stage last night. Arena stage takes in a ton of ushers. According to them, their army of ushers is 2,000 strong. If you volunteer at Arena Stage, you get to see the show that you are working for free. It's probably too late for me to get to see Oklahoma!. It was the usual volunteer orientation where the people who have done this before ask questions that show all the attendees that they are not noobs. I also think that I may have been one of the younger people in the crowd. I did not get my show assignments last night, because i had just registered that morning.

I know, I know I did not get hired by them for a job I really wanted 2 years ago, but they are a great regional theatre. No sour grapes here.

We were told to spread the word that Arena Stage does need more volunteers, so contact them and go for it!

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