Monday, April 2, 2012

Crickets are chirping around here...

I have not volunteered since the Arena Stage flameout. I was supposed to volunteer at this year's Frigid Festival, but I could not get to the city due to the lack of a Metrocard. I do hope to volunteer usher for Rent and Avenue Q soon. I am volunteer tutoring biology in the meanwhile, so I'll post about that later this week, sorry it has been so sparse, my life has become interesting as of late.

Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Has it been 3 months?

I know I have not written here in so long, but I have been volunteering. I did the DC Shorts film festival, saw some lovely films, earned a great tee shirt, and went to the most awesome raging party at the Gibson guitars showroom. As usual with events like these, they always have extra goodies left over. I picked up 3 goodie bags for me, Jason and Ari, and 2 sets of Stella Artois glasses. One set for us, one set for Ari's new home.

Then I did Crafty Bastards, the CityPaper crafts fair. It was a rainy, blustery day and i forgot my jacket, so I caught a cold. Many free goodies abounded as i got some waterbottles, lip balm and nail polish. I also won tickets to Cinematic Titanic, MST3k live. In the volunteer bag was a tee shirt and 2 passes to Landmark Cinema.

Up next I am doing AIDS walk Washington, the Autism Speaks walk and the Reel Affirmations film festival.

Monday, August 29, 2011

The best laid plans...

I have not posted in so long because I have had nowhere to volunteer lately. Columbia Heights day, which was supposed to be on Saturday got canceled due to the hurricane Irene, and it will not be rescheduled. Jason took a message for me on Friday from someone from DCPS "Eat more salad" about a schedule screw up. I called back, now I am waiting for the organizer to call me. Apparently there is some sort of schedule screw up, so I might not be doing that either. Well, my first shift as an usher at Arena Stage is coming up and I need to buy a white button down. There's also the SPX in 2 weeks, and I am going to sign up to volunteer at Crafty Bastards, the City Paper's crafts fair.

I have also decided to log my hours volunteering from now on. I think it will be fun to see how many hours i wind up with by the end of the year. I should have started to count at Fringe, then I would have a ton already. Talking about Fringe Festival, the fall installment has been announced for November.

Sunday, August 14, 2011

Rocky Horror Month 3.

Some of you know that I am a props crew volunteer for DC Rocky Horror- The Sonic Transducers. I love working props. It means that I get to be onstage without taking a part. I run on and off stage holding the "Fear Not and Be Just" sign and the sign demonstrating how to do the Time Warp. I also run out to set up the dinner and driving scenes. I think I'll be doing props for a while. I have no interest in going out there in a corset and fishnet stockings.

Volunteer opportunities that I signed up for coming up- DCPS Eat More Veggies campaign, DC Small Press Expo, DC Shorts and Columbia Heights day. Still no word from Arena Stage.

Friday, August 5, 2011

This week in volunteering.....

I still did not get my schedule from Arena Stage- I'll go nag them about it today. I hope that they did not forget about me. I am sure that they did not run out of space. They have 4 more volunteer orientations set up for this month. As I said, I shall look into other programs too- I hear that Theatre J is looking.

Buddy R told me about the Small Press Expo in Bethesda in September. I signed up to volunteer for that. Three days of indie publishers- Can't get any more fascinating than that.

Next garden build day is tomorrow. Going to haul earth for the good of the garden and we can get more plots to more people. Did you know that in some areas of DC there are years long waiting lists for garden plots and some gardens are filled with drama out the wazoo? I am so glad that they built a garden a neighborhood away from me. 

Tuesday, August 2, 2011

DC Shorts

I have signed up for yet another Film Festival. This one is DC Shorts . It is a film festival made up entirely of short films. It's perfect for anyone, like me, with a short attention span. The festival is in mid September. Volunteer benefits are pretty good. A tee shirt, screening pass and after party. Go to the DC shorts website to sign up and be a volunteer.

I just heard back from Columbia Heights day. The volunteer coordinator addressed me as Gina. Huh? I would love to do the face painting in the Kid's Zone because I am the face paint girl at the roller derby.

Still did not get my envelope from Arena Stage with my volunteer shift information. I am curious to know what shifts I got. If you want to volunteer usher at Arena, note that there are a few more orientations this month. Check the website for more details. 

Monday, August 1, 2011

ZineFest, and Columbia Heights Day.

DC ZineFest was awesome. Unfortunately they never got back to me about volunteering. Perhaps I e mailed them too late to participate. Maybe next year. The energy among the zinesters was amazing. I would love to be part of that by starting my own zine. Read here at my other blog for more details about the fest.

I found out on Prince of Petworth about volunteering at Columbia Heights Day, so I e mailed. Let's see where this goes.